Puka Tutis 

Handmade in california


View our collection of handmade necklaces, from Mini Mushrooms inspired by the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, to Mal de Ojo Charms crafted for personal protection. Always made with love and intent. 


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Made with painstaking detail, and often adorned with a personal crystal, our handmade pendants are truly magical! Click to see our current inventory, and be sure to subscribe for shop updates and future drops!

Skin & Hair Serums

Handmade in small batches, with zero fillers and pure, all-natural ingredients! Click to shop our luxury serum collection.

"Feel the fear and do it anyways"

I have always had a fascination for small, detailed work. When I was younger, nature called out to me daily, and since the age of four you could find me by my window creating intricate sculptures, under a tree painting complex and ancient patterns, or in the tall grass looking for ingredients for magical potions. As time went on, life started to take priority and I found myself having to be forced to spend less time on my art, and more time making ends meet, especially since I left my home at 18 with nothing but the clothes on my back. Working as a low-voltage Electrician in San Francisco, I finally found myself in a position to begin saving money to put towards my dreams. Once the pandemic hit, I decided to take a hiatus, purchased a vintage R.V. that I renovated myself, and drove up to the Pacific Northwest for a year. I felt a deep sense of belonging in the forests; I could feel nature calling out to me, and everyday I was compelled to answer. Being constantly surrounded by the energy of the forest, I began to see flashes of color and shapes under my eyelids as I drifted off to sleep; the strange thing, however, was that this feeling was incredibly familiar to me, as it had occurred frequently when I was a child.  Once again, nature was calling out, rewarding me for embarking on the right path, and instantly inspiring me to take yet another step towards my dreams. And thus, Puka Tutis was born, as I needed to share the beauty that I found myself immersed in every day. I hope you feel a little bit of that magic when you open your package from Puka Tutis!

nature-inspired creations, FROM MY HANDS TO YOURS.

Save the "lungs of our earth"

Purchase our Huayruro Seed Earrings and 15% will be donated directly to The Amazon Frontlines. The Amazon Frontlines is a non-profit organization focused around the partnership, representation, and empowerment of the Amazon's indigenous peoples. Through several initiatives such as their "Indigenous Rights Defenders", "Territorial Mapping", and "Environmental Monitoring" programs, The Amazon Frontlines is supporting the many Amazonian tribes in their efforts to defend themselves with legal expertise, extensive and historical mapping, and environmental impact mitigation, but even so, it is still far from enough. Join the Kofan, Secoya, Siona, and Waorani Nations in their attempt to save the only home they've ever known, for the Earth cannot survive without her lungs. 

15% of the sales for this product go directly to the amazon frontlines.

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