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Small-batch Ceramic Stoneware, inspired by the magic that is our Earth.

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View our collection of handmade necklaces, from Mini Mushrooms inspired by the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, to Mal de Ojo Charms crafted for personal protection. Always made with love and intent. 

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Handmade in small batches, with zero fillers and pure, all-natural ingredients! Click to shop our luxury serum collection.

Save the "lungs of our earth"

Purchase our Huayruro Seed Earrings and 90% will be donated directly to The Amazon Frontlines. The Amazon Frontlines is a non-profit organization focused around the partnership, representation, and empowerment of the Amazon's indigenous peoples. Through several initiatives such as their "Indigenous Rights Defenders", "Territorial Mapping", and "Environmental Monitoring" programs, The Amazon Frontlines is supporting the many Amazonian tribes in their efforts to defend themselves with legal expertise, extensive and historical mapping, and environmental impact mitigation, but even so, it is still far from enough. Join the Kofan, Secoya, Siona, and Waorani Nations in their attempt to save the only home they've ever known, for the Earth cannot survive without her lungs. 

90% of the sales for this product go directly to the amazon frontlines.

Huayruro Seed Earrings
Huayruro Seed Earrings
Huayruro Seed Earrings
Huayruro Seed Earrings

Huayruro Seed Earrings


Found on the floor of the Peruvian Rainforest, Huayruro seeds have been collected and worn for centuries, warding off negative energies and attracting prosperity. 

90% of the proceeds for each pair is donated directly to the Wao Resistencia through the Amazon Frontlines. The Waorani peoples are the modern day keepers of our Rainforest, and are among those who are experiencing, first-hand, the dire consequences that our actions have inflicted upon the "Lungs of our Earth", the Amazon Rainforest.  


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