About the Artist

Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyways.

Growing up, I lived in a very strict traditional hispanic household. In spite of this, at the age of 4, I developed an interest for clay, and began sculpting small detailed pieces, always inspired by nature and its creations. During my childhood, honoring my paternal Peruvian ancestry was prioritized, so I heard very little of my maternal Salvadorian & Mexican relatives. Eventually, my mother finally revealed to me that my maternal Great-Grandmother, like myself, also had an affinity for clay and small detail sculpture, as she made her living creating mini flower bouquets crafted from a clay that she created herself, using bread and glue from her village. I also came to know that the names of my mother’s family, Mago (Mage), Hada (Fairy), Fe (Faith), and Alba (Dawn), were born from magic, and were given to them by my Great-Grandfather, a poet with his head in the clouds. 

At the age of 11, inspired by the life of my Great-Grandmother, I transitioned from polymer clay to porcelain, and began to explore the integration of sculpture into functional pottery. When my little sister was born, I spent days adorning the walls of her room with hand-painted trees, foxes, mice, and other forest creatures. I have always wanted to remind those around me that we are all children of this Earth, and that this Earth provides all that we need. I believe that, through my art, my ancestors are actively guiding me to inspire change and bring us all back to our roots. 

As mentioned earlier, I grew up in a very disciplinary household. I left the very day I turned 18 to allow myself the opportunity to pursue my creative path. Barefoot and unable to bring along any of my possessions, I started again from scratch. I believe that Pachamama and her playful spirits have actively guided my lineage for generations, and I trusted that they would continue to guide me on this new path. I found healing in the youth of our world, and for years gravitated towards teaching children, for they truly understood the simplicity of life. When you are a child you are not afraid to try or to dare, you do things just because you like it. With a new sense of optimism, I tried my hand at a variety of trades, and eventually found myself living the “Van Life” with my Mini Dachshund by my side. My journey took me from deep into the Forests of the Pacific Northwest, to the National Forests of Southern California, continuously gathering inspiration from the magic that is our Earth.

In college I continued to be drawn to ceramics and sculpture. Due to my self-taught background and unusual techniques, I was always taking the path less traveled. Eventually, my work caught the eye of a mentor who saw my passion for creation. He gifted me a lightly used vintage ceramic kiln that I still use to this day in my studio. In that moment it was clear to me that I was right to put my trust in my ancestors, and that the same nature spirits that guided my people for generations would also do the same for me. From that day forward, I simply followed the path that the Fae lay before me.

 I thank the Fae every day for gifting me the ability to heal myself through creation, break free of generational cycles, and inspire others to do the same. My goal has always been to inspire others to connect to their inner child and follow their true path, as we are all children of this Earth. I channel the wisdom of my family into every piece that I create, and I hope that my art can help remind us all of where we came from.