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Casita Amanita Collection

Our handmade Casita Amanita collection is inspired by the colorful and vast mushroom life in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. As soon as the fungi met my eye, I felt a deep sense of belonging, and was compelled to create the "Amanita House". 

Mal de Ojo

Each item in our handmade Mal de Ojo collection is adorned with an "evil eye" talisman to ward off misfortune and protect against ill-will.

Shop Potted

A variety of my favorite plants, handmade in terracotta pots. For plant lovers, from a plant lover.

Shop Handcrafted

Our serums are small-batch made to provide the highest quality. We always start with premium, nutrient rich oils, and infuse them with all-natural botanicals for breathtaking results.  

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